ACIM Workbook lesson 129

Beyond this world there is a world I want.

This thought links up with the closing statement of yesterday’s contribution:

“As you progress in freeing your mind from erroneous thought you will increasingly get glimpses of the real world: love expressed through form, freedom expressed through movement, joy expressed in relationships, beauty expressed in nature, and so forth. The Light in you links up with the Light in and beyond form.”

Forms come and go, but creative qualities are forever whole and alive beyond the concept of time. They well up in and give life to each and every expression you experience around you. They form a stream of well-being and exuberance that is accessible both within and in the outer world. Look for it inwardly, look for it outwardly. Align with it and move in harmony with it. Focus on whatsoever is lovely, kind, peaceful and joyful. They are the real world. And by increasingly directing your attention to the real world you will experience it more and more. Until the day arrives when time has dissolved. Then you will have left behind the tendency to focus on anything that is not lovely, kind, peaceful and joyous.

Full text of ACIM lesson 129

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