ACIM Workbook lesson 128

The world I see holds nothing that I want.

The world you habitually perceive is not the real world. The world you customarily see is a collection of images in a mirror that reflects back to you the quality of the content of your mind. Each worry, concern, notion and conviction is projected onto the screen for you to see and recognize as something of your own making.

Once you take your attention off of all that seems to be wrong with the images you see in the world and focus inwardly in order to release the mistaken conceptions residing there, the mirror starts to clear. For what has happened then? Your mind, liberated from erroneous notions, is now free to take up its assigned role of translating (the mind is the builder, as Cayce put it) creative principles into a dance of extension. The creative force is forever unified and vibrant. The real world perfectly mirrors its character.

When you have consciously aligned with the creative flow your mind will be free to move in accordance with the flow. You will then see that your mind is not a separate mechanism but creation’s instrument to extend itself. Your mind will no longer be burdened with the task of projecting a veil of personal erroneous thinking processes to cover the world’s face in order to show you what misunderstandings are going on inside.

As you progress in freeing your mind from erroneous thought you will increasingly get glimpses of the real world: love expressed through form, freedom expressed through movement, joy expressed in relationships, beauty expressed in nature, and so forth. The Light in you links up with the Light in and beyond form.

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