ACIM Workbook lesson 121

Forgiveness is the key to happiness.

Forgiveness has to do with the images you see in the world and that you think are true.

Truth imparts joy and energizes. If a given image you see in the world does not have that effect on you, in other words, when you do not feel that it is a joyful and vibrant image or it does not make you feel alive and joyous, then a mistaken notion is vibrating in your mind that is distorting your reception. Your dial is not tuned as optimally as it could and you are receiving static. The static conjures up disturbing images that represent nothing, and you are allowing it, nothing, to guide you.

Forgiveness is the setting free of all the elements in the dreary images you see; it is your decision not to settle for static but to reach for the true signal and align with it.

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