ACIM Workbook lesson 119

The following thoughts are given for review:

(107) “Truth will correct all errors in my mind.

(108) “To give and to receive are one in truth.

Who or what is God’s son? God’s son is truth manifested. God’s son is creative intentions extended.

The mind is a processor. Just like a blender that blends ingredients like fruit, ice cubes and yogurt to produce a smoothie, so does the mind take intentions, in order to blend them and deliver the result in the form of an image in the world. The type of ingredients you use, determines the outcome you see.

Your true nature is in the process of extending gloriously. Do not allow your mind to take in imagined shortcomings, but set them free. Steady your mind on the truth of creation, on the truth of your identity: love and light, joy, peace and freedom, willingness and forbearance.

Full text of ACIM lesson 119

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