ACIM Workbook lesson 113

The following thoughts are given for review:

(95) “I am one Self, united with my Creator.

(96) “Salvation comes from my one Self.

It is a matter of focus. Whenever you are faced with a separation in the way things appear, and you focus on the differences, they become more distinct in your experience. However, there is unity at the level beyond the appearance. How exactly may not be clear right away, but the knowledge that unity is the true nature of all expressions in form, may help in keeping yourself from identifying with one form over another and becoming entangled in the process, even while choosing to work with one form in favor of another.

You are not a body, not a circumstance, not a condition, not a relationship. You use them and express through all of them – you being the Self that is Creation. By actively looking for the unifying creative intentions beyond the appearance you attune to that Self. The Self is free from any constraints appearances seem to impose.

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