ACIM Workbook lesson 105

God’s peace and joy are mine.

Creative qualities like peace and joy multiply as they are being extended.

Imagine a singer singing a song in front of an audience. When the song is over and she has given of her talent, art and depth of feeling, none of these qualities have diminished. If anything, they have grown thanks to her performance and the feedback from the fans. This is not hard to understand at all.

But when we talk of giving in terms of a specific form or appearance like things, space and time, all of a sudden we switch to a different type of bookkeeping. Each coin expended, each square meter relinquished, each hour spent, leaves you with less. Or so it seems. It only seems that way because of your focus on the level of effect.

The world of effect is in constant motion and is continually responding to intentions, and especially keenly to purely held intentions. Your leverage lies on the level of intentions. And that is a good thing. Because that level is always with you, it is always accessible and all of the creative qualities are available to you there. There is never loss in giving when you align with the inner intention of abundance.

The creative stream will always find a way to show you the content of your mind in terms of expression in things, time and space.

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