ACIM Workbook lesson 104

I seek but what belongs to me in truth.

The gifts the lesson speaks of are the sparks of Love, Joy, Peace and Beauty that you will find within the moment you seek for them there. If they were not there, you would not be having this life experience, for your life experience is rooted in these creative qualities. It only takes a little willingness to look for your reason for being inside rather than outside. The outside is the result of what goes on inside.

Focus on Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance within, and align with even the tiniest aspect of them that you find there. And you will see them reflected in the world around you. It is about focus on intentions, and about not letting yourself get distracted by effects. The effects are only your springboard to turn within again and align with Love, Light, Joy and Peace.

Full text of workbook lesson 104 in ACIM

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