ACIM Workbook lesson 102

I share God’s Will for happiness for me.

The lessons states “your only function here is happiness”. In other lessons we have read that your only function is forgiveness, and that your only function is salvation. All three represent the restoration in your mind of the awareness of your true nature: love, light, joy and peace in ongoing extension and expansion.

The lesson talks about God’s will being your will and that God’s will makes happy. The word “will” may throw you off. If it does, think of God’s will as focus on creative qualities. You are as God created you and all the creative qualities reside in you, waiting for you to address them and live them. They are not an alien force, imposed upon you somehow. They represent your true nature.

And so, how does that relate to God’s will? When you focus on love, joy, peace, freedom and beauty, and desire to live them, you move into harmony with the dynamics of creation and you are in fact doing “God’s will”. The more you focus on them inside of you, on their way out into the world through you, the more you see them reflected in the images you see in the world.

“I share God’s Will for happiness for me” could be restated as: I subscribe to the focus on joy.

Full text of ACIM lesson 102

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