ACIM Workbook lesson 97

“I am spirit.

Spirit is your true nature.

The text speaks of a split identity. A split identity is the result of the state of mind that is in allegiance with form, be it the body, a circumstance, or the way things appear. All that form is, is an effect, a result. It functions as a mirror, showing you what is active in your mind. That is all. It is already in the past when you become aware of it. Form has no power other than that which you grant it by enlivening it through your creative attention.

You are not an effect, even though you express through form. You are cause. Your true nature is spirit and spirit flows into the world as love, light, peace and like qualities. Align with them and allow yourself to be immersed in the creative stream. Be the light that you are.

Full text of ACIM lesson 97

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