ACIM Workbook lesson 95

“I am one Self, united with my Creator.

The analogy with a fruit tree might help to better understand today’s lesson.

Even though you may appear as a single floret on a seemingly insignificant little twig, who you truly are is the blossoming of the entire tree in springtime. Even though you may appear as a single leaf on a remote branch, you are the foliage as a whole. You are the new season’s wave of new buds, blossom and fruit, bursting forth into colorful beauty.

The idea that gives rise to blossom, foliage and fruit each year is the true nature of each floret, leaf and fruit. And it is in their true nature that they are united with the tree.

A healthy fruit tree is inconceivable without blossoms and foliage appearing and dropping – even more so are the blossoms and foliage inconceivable without the tree.

Full text of Workbook lesson 95 in ACIM

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