ACIM Workbook lesson 88

The two ideas for review today are:

75) “The light has come.”

76) “I am under no laws but God’s.

Light, law and God: All of these terms point to the same dynamic: the dynamic of creation that is ever expanding, flowing and extending. The flow does not suddenly come to a halt when part of the mind thinks it is seeing physical form. It keeps on moving, expanding, announcing itself in its glorious becoming. You are part of all that. You keep yourself apart from experiencing it when you entertain notions that are in opposition to the creative flow’s character and nature. You immerse yourself in its workings when you focus on it exclusively.

“The light has come.” It is in a continuous process of becoming.

“You are under no laws but God’s.” This is forever true. However, you may entertain the thought that other laws apply. Through the attention you give to that thought, believing it is true, you make it part of the content of your mind. The images you then see will reflect that state of mind. That is the loop of the ego thought system. The way out of the loop is first your recognition that it is a loop, and second your conscious asking inner guidance to come in and direct you. Then you’ll be aligned with the qualities, inner and outer, of the creative flow.

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