ACIM Workbook lesson 85

The two ideas for review today are:

69) “My grievances hide the light of the world in me.

A grievance is the result of mistaken identification with an appearance.

It is the power of the mind that causes images of mind content to appear before your eyes. When you have identified with a given image on the level of the appearance and reality seems to be evolving differently, you tend to feel slighted. In order to justify the negative feeling you focus even more on what you had in mind, enlarging the perceived discrepancy in your experience.

You would be far better off to take your focus off the outer picture and go within in order to align with a creative principle of your choice. Trust that the principle is already expressing in the best possible way for all involved. And then you will see that that is so.

70) “My salvation comes from me.

The world reflects the content of your mind back to you. When you feel irritation, frustration or depression because of the images that you think you see, it is a sign that a grievance is interfering with your reception of reality. Your salvation lies in the setting free of the appearance that you have allowed yourself to be chained to.

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