ACIM Workbook lesson 84

The two ideas for review today are:

67) “Love created me like itself.

68) “Love holds no grievances.

Love created you like itself, and since love is not a body, you are not a body. Love never is a body.

The Course explains that the body’s function is communication: to communicate love and light, peace and freedom, joy and beauty, and so forth. There is no other use for the body than that. Anything else detracts from love and puts a shroud over reality.

Love flows freely. It cannot be contained. A grievance is a shackle that binds you to an image your everyday self thinks you see in the world. It prevents love from flowing. Since you are love, a grievance prevents you from being who you truly are, and thus from feeling happy.

Love is a flowing quality that sets everything free that welcomes it.

Full text of ACIM lesson 84

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