ACIM Workbook lesson 80

Let me recognize my problems have been solved.

Today’s lesson title

“Let me recognize my problems have been solved”

follows in the footsteps of yesterday’s lesson

“Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.”

Let’s look at the individual elements one by one:

“Let me” indicates a decision and a willingness to change course. To “recognize” means to see, know, acknowledge, and accept a certain fact. Even more than that, it means to acknowledge and accept a new basis of understanding. On the basis of yesterday’s statement, it may be clear that the plural “my problems” no longer applies, for there is only one problem: the sense of separation caused by a faulty sense of self, a sense of self that is fed and perpetuated by the images the ego mind conjures up on the basis of that faulty concept.

Lastly, the word “solved” indicates that your troubles are gone. All the things that seemed to be bothering you have dissolved in the Light that is your presence. You can now commit to being a channel through which the Light may shine. You will no longer be zooming in on perceived mistakes and errors or on correcting any so called injustices. They are all images projected by a mind that is shackled by faulty notions about what it is and who you are.

Combining all of the above we get:

I have changed course, because I understand that I am Light and it is my function to allow that Light to shine.

Full text of Workbook lesson 80 in ACIM

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