ACIM Workbook lesson 79

Let me recognize the problem so it can be solved.

There is only one problem. The lesson calls the one problem: separation.

Through your focus on the many different forms around you, you have come to believe that every single expression in form has an existence separate from everything else. You have projected that belief onto the world and consequently you are being shown images that seem to prove the validity of that belief. You are caught in a separation-loop. And now you believe you are separate, too.

Why is a belief in separation the only problem? Because identification with a separated state does two things in your experience: It perpetuates your sense of isolation, a premise that predisposes you to view everything from a mistaken angle, and it cuts you off from your connection to the unified and unifying stream of Creation that is continually extending Life, Love, Peace and Joy.

As long as you believe in separateness of expressions that have separate existences, and see yourself as a separate being, you cannot conceive of a Source that freely shares Its Love and Light through you and through all of its extensions.

The dynamic of Love and Light extending and expanding is a problem-free dynamic.

Full text of Workbook lesson 79 in ACIM

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