ACIM Workbook lesson 78

Let miracles replace all grievances.

It is not like you have to evoke miracles somehow. They happen naturally all the time everywhere, for they are the natural way creation expresses.

When you allow your mind to occupy itself with holding a grievance, with worrying or with being depressed and so forth, you in fact allow an obstacle to stand between yourself and the natural flow of creation. You are cutting yourself off.

How can you let grievances go, and with them anxiety, frustration and despair? By understanding that they are always related to an image you think you see in the world. That image can be in the past, the present or the future. It does not matter. The image you think you see, is caused by your interpretation of the facts that you think are out there. And by holding on to your interpretation you keep the loop active that produces images that seem to prove your interpretation.

The only way to escape the loop is by understanding that it is in fact a loop and by deciding not to accept it any longer. Then turn to the light within, the light without. Set your mind on the loveliness and the benevolence that is the hallmark of creation. Then the natural and effortless order of things will become apparent in your experience. The grievance-loop, the worry-loop, any type of negativity-loop, will dissolve and cease to be.

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