ACIM Workbook lesson 76

I am under no laws but God’s.

What are God’s laws, you would no doubt want to know. And rightly so. After all, if you are not subject to any of the commonly known and practiced laws of society, health, economics, and so forth, then what are the laws that do apply to you?

Think of a parent holding a newborn. What laws do you imagine would that parent envision to rule the life of the newborn baby? Wouldn’t those be the laws of benevolence, inspiration, support, joy, freedom, energy, second chances, peace, and so on. But these are not laws, I can hear you think. Perhaps not as personalities in the world consider laws. But they are principles that set things in motion. And as such they are powerful laws. They govern intention, movement and expansion.

People sometimes talk about a person’s lucky star, or about things happening under a favorable constellation. It is their way of identifying the alignment that is apparent. Alignment is not happenstance. Alignment is focus and focus is will and determination.

Stay focused on the Light, for you are Light. Dare to be the Light that lightens every room you enter. This is not about your small sense of self. This is about the creative power of Source that enters and lights up the room through you. And you will be on a first row seat to witness and experience it.

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