ACIM Workbook lesson 74

There is no will but God’s.

Many people seem to have the notion that, with God’s will on the one hand and a person’s free will on the other hand, the idea is to somehow manage to harmonize the two. And off they go into a labyrinth of adjustments and of feelings of guilt, blame, frustration and exasperation. Wrong track.

Talking about this may be easier when you think of the analogy of an airport. In this analogy God would be the airport and all aspects of creation would be the planes flying in and out, coming and going. God’s will in this analogy is to allow planes to set out on all kinds of explorations, returning for refueling and updates, and setting off again. The planes’ combined will is to do just that: setting off and experiencing new destinations, feeding information back to airport control, and so forth. The will of a plane could not possibly be different from the will of the airport, the function of the planes being an extension of the function of the airport.

Conditional to this set-up is the awareness of the planes of what they are. Should they mistakenly take themselves to be birds or cars, or bricks for that matter, a split will occur inside: The planes know that there is something like an airport but they have no clue as to what to do about it.

“There is no will but God’s” is a statement that helps bring back to memory the truth about the essence of your identity. You are light, willing and eager to shine, share and extend. And that is exactly God’s will for you.

During the time that you seem to not have definitively claimed your true identity with full awareness, you may feel lost between the birds, the cars and the bricks. Keep focused on the light, both inner and outer, and you’ll find your way.

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