ACIM Workbook lesson 68

Love holds no grievances.

A grievance is the sensation of holding on, against your better judgment, to an expectation that is not being met. An expectation is always related to the world of form and appearance and so is a grievance.

We have seen that the world as you experience it is a reflection of what you hold within. Holding on to expectations about the world on the level of shape and form keeps your focus on the level of effect. Love focuses on the level of intent.

Holding on to grievances makes you unhappy on two counts: first, because it keeps you in the loop of feeling indignation, projecting it, seeing proof of the cause for it in the outer world and feeling it again; and second, because it blocks your experience of who you truly are.

You are the idea of love that moves freely and joyously in and about everything it touches. Love does not expect; it simply shines. And when you tune into it, you will see its light reflected around you.

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