ACIM Workbook lesson 67

Love created me like itself.

While you are focused in this physical world life seems to be about navigating the various forms, constellations and organizations that surround you. Trying to find your way through all of that on the level of appearance will give you the experience of a labyrinth. Design and shape may be appealing and enticing, but your focus on them is keeping you in the labyrinth. Inwardly you know you are not restricted to appearances; that is why your exclusive focus on them is not making you happy. Even though life may seem to be about all these different appearances and subjects, it is not.

The course explains that you are an idea in the mind of God. You are the idea of love. You are not a body, nor a gear in the wheels that seem to make up society. You are the idea of love on its way to express in new ways. On its way into the world love will use whatever is out there to work its wonder through. You are that wonder. And the way to happiness and fulfillment in life is to experience yourself as who you are.

Full text of ACIM lesson 67

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