ACIM Workbook lesson 64

Let me not forget my function.

Your function is “to be the light of the world”, according to the text of this lesson. By being aware of what you truly are, you are fulfilling your function.

And so, each and every moment you notice a disturbance of your peace, your function is not to resist it, to counter it or ameliorate it in any way. Your one and only function is to be aware of what you are: an emissary of light. That means: Find the place in you where you sense a glimmer of hope or a gleam of joy and align with that. Focus on it and immerse yourself in it. Do not allow any other quality to affect you, but stay focused on the light that represents the creative force. Nothing else is required. Just be that. And the light will stream through you: Whatever is most helpful and joyful in the given circumstances will stream through you effortlessly and joyfully.

Full text of ACIM lesson 64

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