ACIM Workbook lesson 61

I am the light of the world.

Let’s look at the elements that make up this statement, beginning with “the world”.

What is the world? The world is a concept, a construct of the mind. It has attached itself to Creation as you experience it around you. The construct “world” has been allowed to overlay and obscure Creation; the construct mirrors back to you what you think and feel about it (the construct). “The world” is a loop that confirms itself as you look at it.

A healed mind that is not burdened by ideas and convictions of all kinds, does not project or overlay anything; it experiences Creation exactly as it is: Perfection in the process of extending.

The term “the light” refers to the effect this insight has on you and on those you contact. You are not part of the self-enforcing loop of the mirror-world. You are and will forever be as you were created: creative quality, forever itself, forever embedded in God, and joyfully on its way into extension. This inner knowing shines its Light on any situation including the situations of all those who are caught in the loop of the world-mirror. The Light shines away the images that appear in the mirror, leaving Creation to show itself crystal-clear.

The personal pronoun “I” refers to you as you were created, to the you that you are at your core. It does not relate to the entity that the loop of the world-mirror has caused you to believe that you are. The Course calls that the ego.

Taking all of this together we arrive at: I, knowing myself to be (a part of the) creative force, shine away the loops of the world-mirror, setting myself, as well as everyone I come into contact with, free.

This is what miracles, forgiveness and healing are about.

Full text of Workbook lesson 61 in ACIM

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