ACIM Workbook lesson 56

Five ideas for review:

26) “My attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability.

27) “Above all else I want to see.”

28) “Above all else I want to see differently.”

29) “God is in everything I see.

30) “God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.

The first statement speaks to the mirror principle of the world: thoughts of attack and blame project into images in the world which you then feel are aimed at you. Nothing out there is the cause of any harm. The word harm is a nonsensical word, for it presupposes a vulnerability that does not exist. You are forever whole and safe.

The four statements that follow speak to the power that is within you to change your thinking and thus your seeing. And it suggests that the way to change them is to focus on God, Love, Light, Peace, Harmony and Joy in everything you see. For when you do, the Light in you unites with the Light in the other and through that unity you will both become aware of your true home.

God, or Source, reflects in Creation as you experience it all around you in all kinds of relationships. Zoom in on the Light and you will experience Beauty and Love and Joy. Zooming in on anything less than the Light will take you into a detour leading nowhere.

Full text of Workbook lesson 56 in ACIM

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