ACIM Workbook lesson 49

God’s voice speaks to me all through the day.”

Love’s voice speaks to me all through the day, and so do freedom’s voice and the voices of light, peace, beauty and joy. It takes receptivity to experience them. Thankfully, you were born with this receptivity, it is innate. It is a matter of activating and engaging it. And you can do that through the focus of your attention.

The excitement and drama that happens in the vibrational field we call the world have a way of continually drawing your attention and claiming it completely. There is no law, however, that obliges you to go along with that. You can decide differently and through your focus allow light and love and joy into your experience. Their voices are speaking to you all through the day.

How do you know if the inner voice that you hear is the voice of love and peace or the voice of the monkey mind? By the way you feel. The first makes you feel loved, happy, ready to go. The second makes you feel apprehensive, anxious, depressed. The first speaks of inclusion, sharing and expansion; the latter speaks of exclusion, of pressure and of restriction. You can tell. And you will get better at distinguishing between the sets of vibrations associated with each of them with practice. Once you are aware that your choice for this or that comes with a set of vibrations that determines your experience, the choice becomes clearer. It is always a choice between the rainbow and the rabbit hole.

Full text of ACIM lesson 49

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