ACIM Workbook lesson 48

There is nothing to fear.”

The text tells us that the statement “There is nothing to fear” is a fact, but not to those who believe in illusions. How is that so?

This is about the attunement that your mind is capable of. In each and every moment you have a choice regarding the way you direct your attention, your focus. With each focus goes a set of vibrations. As soon as you select a focus and the accompanying set of vibrations becomes active in you, you pick up on those same and similar vibrations that are kept active by others in your environment. And at the same time, while you are receiving that set, you are not receiving and interacting with all the other sets of vibrations that go with focuses that you did not choose.

That means that when you think that something in your life is the cause of fear in you, you are receiving a set of vibrations that speak of fear and attack through your attunement to that set. And that attunement is caused by your attention to fear and attack and the like. It is the dynamic of illusions that the text speaks of.

The lesson closes by stating that the instant you are willing to remember God (love and light or any of the other creative qualities )“there is indeed nothing to fear.” Why? Because the set of vibrations that become active in you when you focus on creative qualities inside determine what you become receptive to, namely vibrations of the same or similar character. They will be welling up inside and you will see them reflected in the mirror that is the world and the people in it.

Full text of ACIM lesson 48

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