ACIM Workbook lesson 46

“God is the love in which I forgive.”

Forgiveness means: setting free, releasing your hold. The Course focuses on setting free because your core problem is clutching. Why would you want to clutch anything when all around you nature proclaims freedom? The reason is that you are identified with specific form and constellation. You have attached your sense of self to forms and shapes on the level of the world of appearances. By holding on to them you hope to arrest the constant change happening in the world of form.

But clutching is a recipe for unhappiness. Releasing your hold on people and constellations has a liberating and joyous effect on the dynamics of your inner world.

It may seem scary at first, because you do not know what you will get in return. But when you let go of your hold you will notice that you will fall into the love that is God and that is you. It was there all along. And once you have experienced the warm embrace of love, you will be happy to set everyone and everything free, allowing them to be as they were created: free, loving, joyful and wholly benevolent.

Full text of ACIM lesson 46

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