ACIM Workbook lesson 44

“God is the Light in which I see.”

Inner alignment with creative qualities such as Love, Light, Joy and Peace, allows you to see Creation through the eyes of Creation. What other eyes could you possibly want?

And so, when something happens in your life that does not make you feel loved, loving, light, airy, happy, free and at peace, you are not seeing with the eyes of Creation. Move away from that perspective. It is not serving you at all, but instead it is distracting you and pulling you away from your happy trail. It is hard to find Love and Light in the outer world when you are wearing glasses that obscure those qualities.

Go within. Use the occasion as an opportunity to go inward and look for Love and Light in you. Align with a creative quality that speaks to you and let it show you what it sees.

Full text of ACIM lesson 44

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