ACIM Workbook lesson 42

God is my strength. Vision is His gift.”

Yesterday we talked about love, joy, light, creativity, freedom, peace, and so forth, traveling with you wherever you go, because they are always available inside. When you turn within and look for and identify with them there, you will see them reflected in creation around you. Divine qualities are at the core of everything.

It is your inner alignment with these qualities that affords strength, because these qualities speak of a scope of understanding and wisdom that conquers all known patterns. You are the channel, the conduit, the willingness through which the creative flow flows into the world. You are the reed through which love and light breathe life and newness into the world.

When that happens you are on a first row seat, beholding the wonder of creation unfolding before you and through you. And you—the channel, the willingness—are unassailable.

Full text of ACIM lesson 42

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