ACIM Workbook lesson 41

God goes with me wherever I go”

The word “God” may throw you off. If so, replace it with a word or words that speak(s) to you more, like: love, joy, light, creativity, freedom, peace, and so forth.

But now you may ask: “How are love and joy and light and so forth with me wherever I go? Very often it does not feel that way. Why is that?” In those moments when you would think something like that you are not focused on love and joy or any of the other creative, divine qualities. Your focus lies elsewhere. You could be focused on getting ahead, on making a deadline, on keeping up with expectations, on maintaining a healthy body, on this, that and the other. But look for God (love, light, peace, and so forth) first, “and all these things shall be added unto you.”

Love is a choice in the sense that you can always (always!) choose to focus on love instead of on this, that or the other. Joy is a choice because you can always tune into something that is joyful even though you may not feel joyful while being tuned to the monkey mind. Peace is a choice, even though you may feel torn between two seeming opposites. All the creative intentions are always available, but you need to redirect your focus from the outer to the inner. And once you consciously align inwardly with a creative intention you will be able to recognize it in creation extending around you. Because God goes with all of creation.

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