ACIM Workbook lesson 36

My holiness envelops everything I see”

There is one mind, the pure and whole mind. The Course calls it the activating agent of Spirit. It functions as the interface between Source and Creation. All of Creation happens through this interface.

The Purity that is you is the selfsame Purity of everything you see, because Purity is not split up in a little purity belonging over here and a little purity belonging over there. Your Wholeness is the selfsame Wholeness that envelops all of Creation. Creation’s Holiness is your Holiness.

The statement could have read: “Creation’s holiness envelops me and everything I see”. That is just as true. However, the way the inclusiveness principle is phrased in today’s lesson places you in the driver seat. You are at the helm. For it is not just knowing something that makes it a part of you; it is the application of it.

Full text of Workboook lesson 36 in ACIM

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