ACIM Workbook lesson 35

My mind is part of God’s. I am very holy.”

It may look like there are just as many minds as there are people. That is an idea that goes with the perspective of bodies being separate. There is only one mind, one active agent or interface, and each and every creation partakes of that interface. That explains the first half of today’s lesson title.

The second sentence “I am very holy” follows from the first. The first sentence is the reason why the second is true. Strictly speaking, the word “very” is not necessary. You are either holy or you are not. It has been put there to impress on you the importance of the fact that you are holy. What does “holy” mean? It means pure, whole. You are pure, you are whole. Why? Because your mind is part of God’s mind; it is all one mind. Moving with the pure mind makes you aware of Creation, and thus of being pure and whole.

You have been given the ability to direct your attention. Thanks to that ability, you are, however, able to use the instrument that is the mind in a way that is not in harmony with its purpose. That would be like spending hours in the virtual world of a computer game while being oblivious to family and community life going on all around you.

You can use today’s lesson to let the idea sink in that you are pure and whole, and will experience yourself as such when you use the instrument that is the mind for the purpose it was created for: to translate spiritual impulse, such as Love, Joy and Peace, into ways that can be experienced.

Full text of Workbook lesson 35 in ACIM

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