ACIM Workbook lesson 32

I have invented the world I see.”

The world you see depends on the quality of the thoughts you entertain and thereby send out. After all, things are thoughts that have been thought intensely enough to project and translate into form or condition that the physical senses were made to register.

Knowing about this may help you realize the importance of the ability to direct your thoughts, in other words the importance of being able to consciously direct the focus of your attention. Both inner and outer, for they are the same. A focus that is steadily directed towards creative qualities, such as Love, Light, Joy, Freedom, Peace, and so forth, will result in both a clear mental space and an outer world that is in harmony with it.

Things will still occur in the world that may throw you for a loop, but your alignment with the creative force within, your attunement to your inner guidance, will lead you to a new understanding of your invulnerable, timeless identity as an emissary of Love.

Full text of Workbook lesson 32 in ACIM

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