ACIM Workbook lesson 31

I am not a victim of the world I see”

When you experience the light in you shining and extending outwards, you will feel connected to the light in everything it meets. Then no thoughts of bondage or dependence would even enter your mind. Those types of thoughts enter in when monkey mind thoughts are being projected outward and are allowed to spread their veils that cover up the light that is present everywhere. It is a dynamic of dreariness projecting and meeting dreariness, seeing its justification in the images it conjures up.

Your release from this dynamic lies in the knowledge that the world you see reflects the content of your mind. Change your mind and the world changes accordingly. You are only held by the images caused by the projection of monkey mind thoughts for as long as you entertain those types of thoughts. Your glorious independence and freedom dawns when you direct your mind to think creative thoughts instead.

You are not a victim of the world you see. You are a receiver of the world you see. What you receive depends on the thoughts you send out.

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