ACIM Workbook lesson 30

God is in everything I see because God is in my mind.”

Replace the word “God” with “Life” and you get:

“Life is in everything I see because Life is in my mind.”

Try playing around with the word “light”:

The light in you is in everything you see. The light that shines in you is the same light that shines in everything. Through that recognition light connects with light and rejoices.

The world you see reflects the content of your mind. To explain how this works the course makes a distinction between extension and projection. Creation’s thoughts extend while the ego’s thoughts project.

Negative thought projects outward covering the object of attention with a somber shroud. That dynamic shows you the dreariness that your own light-less, loveless thoughts project onto creation’s light.

Creation’s thoughts of love and light on the other hand, extend and meet up with love and light in joyful recognition. They see nothing else.

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