ACIM Workbook lesson 24

I do not perceive my own best interests.”

Today’s lesson statement relates directly to the fact that you think you created yourself, but in fact did not. God created you, and God knows why He created you. God knows the function or role that you can play best in order for you to be happy and share your joy with others.

Think of babies and small children. Not for one moment do they doubt their origin nor the source of their well-being. The fact that they belong to their parents permeates every fiber of their being. This example may illustrate how far-fetched the idea is that you created yourself. The moon did not create itself, nor did planet earth, a mountain range, the ocean, fish or dogs, to name just a few examples.

You did not create yourself; you were created. That is a relief. For now there is no need to justify your presence.

The state of mind that is based on the belief that you created yourself feeds you with thoughts that keep you anxious and on the defensive on a continuous basis. You may feel a certain responsibility regarding your presence here. And that is a good thing. However, the conclusion you have drawn from that sense of responsibility is not the right one. You have concluded that for you to feel responsible, you must have created yourself. For why else would you feel responsible? And that is where you took a wrong turn. Your responsibility does not lie in justifying your presence and defending yourself every moment you feel that your presence is being challenged. It can’t be challenged. Your responsibility lies elsewhere.

Your responsibility lies in being and acting in line with your true nature. Your true nature is the Source you came from and therefore you are an emissary of Source, of God: Announcer of Love, Bringer of Light, Sharer of Joy, Giver of Freedom.

Today’s statement addresses your mistaken belief that you have created yourself. Thinking that you are your own creator, you may feel that you should know what to do in every instance. But you don’t know because you did not create yourself.

Today’s statement reminds you of the fact that you are a creation of Life and Love. The responsibility you may feel for your presence here would ideally translate into being and acting, through forgiveness, in harmony with your true nature, a nature that God has established for you.

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