ACIM Workbook lesson 23

I can escape from the world I see by giving up attack thoughts.”

Yesterday we talked about the discord within. It is the result of the mistaken belief that I made yourself and that I am therefore separated from everything else. Because I do not see the source of the disturbance within self, I think that the discordant vibes that I feel are caused by outside circumstances. And so I tend to blame outside forces for my inner turmoil.

Yet I now know that the images I see—outside circumstances—are a reflection of the content of my mind. The images themselves can never be the cause of anything for they are only a reflection. It would be like blaming the mirror for my messy morning hair.

The tricky part is that I may not at all be aware of the basic discord inside. I have become used to feeling torn inside because of this, that and the other. But I do not need to know or understand the exact dynamics of all that. As long as I understand the principle that a disturbing image in the outer world is always a reflection of a disturbing thought within.

Today’s lesson calls that understanding: step 1. Step 2 is the willingness to let the disturbing thoughts go, even if I don’t know exactly what they are, where they came from or what exactly the havoc is they are wreaking. Step 3 has already been taken care of: Love and light, joy, peace and freedom are already in place, waiting for my embrace.

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