ACIM Workbook lesson 22

What I see is a form of vengeance.”

The course explains how the belief that you created yourself causes a feeling of separation from Life. This results in the perception of the world of form and the body. The belief has created a split, a discord inside. As long as you do not recognize that this discord is active in you, it can project its discordant vibrations onto reality unchecked. You sense that something is not right and because you do not see the cause of your discomfort in yourself, you place the cause in the outside world. You then feel that the outside world is the disturber of your peace, where in fact you am disturbing your peace yourself.

You could also think about it this way: On the stage that is the world innumerable scenes are playing out at any given time. There is no lack of choice. Neither is there any reason nor obligation to view one scene as more true or more relevant than any other. Each image is relevant to those involved, to the extent that it reflects their state of mind. The question now becomes: How relevant to you is the image that seems to have drawn your attention? Do you want to use it as your base for living fully in the present moment?

If the answer is “No”, then turn around and look at something that reflects a quality that appeals to you, and allow your mind to function on the basis of that. The scene you have turned away from will continue to play out for as long as it reflects the content of the minds of those participating in it. It does not need your reluctant assistance.

If you still feel drawn in again and again by a certain image and it bothers you, it means that something in you is resonating and projecting outwardly, thereby obscuring creation’s signal, and that something is messing up your reception. For the quality of the images you see in the outer world reflect the quality of that which you hold within.

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