ACIM Workbook lesson 18

I am not alone in experiencing the effects of my seeing.”

You are not the only one with flavors to your thoughts. Other people may be utilizing similar flavors to similar thoughts. And since thoughts determine how you see your environment, it follows that there may be agreement in the way you and others experience your environment.

You may think that your mind is yours alone and that what goes on in your mind belongs to you alone. While you are still mesmerized by the ego mind’s thoughts that fill up the blue sky that is your mind, that may indeed seem the case. But the more you are able to let those clouds pass by and thus experience the vast blue space that is your mind, even if intermittently and partially at first, the more you come to understand that that inner space is not personal property at all. It is Source’s interface with the Created. It is the space where creative impulse lights up and is emitted, through you, into extension.

Full text of Workbook Lesson 18 in ACIM

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