ACIM Workbook lesson 17

I see no neutral things.”

If the thoughts you think conjure up the images you see, and if your thoughts are not neutral because they always have some flavor, then it follows that you see no neutral things.

Yesterday we talked about thoughts on the fear end of the stick and thoughts on the love end of the stick.

Let’s first consider the thoughts on the fear end of the stick. These are the thoughts you are allowing the ego mind to think through you: the clouds that are crowding the sky that is your mind and that are obscuring the Light beyond. These thoughts are chaotic and fear-based, and project outwardly in ways that cause you to perceive Creation as confusing and disturbing. That can hardly be called neutral.

Now let’s look at the real thoughts, the real inspirations that are like Light shining in the vast expanse that is the mind. These thoughts are on the love end of the stick. They are enlightening, loving and liberating, and extend outwardly through you in ways that allow you to connect with the Light and the Love in all of Creation. That can hardly be called neutral either.

This lesson is helping you to see the difference the flavor of the thought you think makes in the world you see around you.

And the choice of flavor is up to you!

Full text of Workbook Lesson 17 in ACIM

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