ACIM Workbook lesson 14

God did not create a meaningless world.”

Ha, here you have it. This statement affirms that creation is not meaningless; it is truth in expression.

The reason you are not always seeing the world around you as truth in expression is that you are taking for face value the meaning that the monkey mind has laid upon it. The moment you withdraw your energy from the monkey mind’s projecting, an opening occurs within you. In that opening you will receive the truth of the appearance.

It is the shift within you that will make it seem as if the outer world has changed. You will no longer read all kinds of puzzling, sinister or threatening messages in appearances, but you will be attracted by the truth that shines in them in various ways: peace, trust, love, joy, freedom, and so forth, and you will be able to connect with that truth.

This may not happen overnight, although it could. Be willing to give this shift a chance to work its glory in you.

Full text of lesson 14

Allen Watson’s commentary

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