ACIM Workbook lesson 13

A meaningless world engenders fear.”

Usually people are not aware that there is a new message of truth that has been provided for each and every appearance in their experience, which is patiently waiting for their recognition. As long as they are unaware of that, they may believe that if they do not make sense of appearances themselves, they will end up in some kind of void. And that is scary. And so, it will take a leap of faith to let go of believing the labels they are in the habit of sticking on everything.

You may want to experiment with this a bit. Whenever something in your environment strikes you as puzzling or in any way less than desirable, tell yourself:

“The ego mind is apparently in the process of making sense of this and not doing a very good job of it. I would very much like to know what this truly means.”

Then let go of the ego mind trail. Don’t be scared, be happy. For now you have allowed an opening inside in which the truth can reveal itself. And it will, more and more, for the door is now ajar.

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