ACIM Workbook lesson 12

I am upset because I see a meaningless world.”

This statement may sound off at first. How can the world be meaningless? Isn’t Creation meaningful?

But when you accept that the thoughts and images in your mind, like a movie reel, cause the moving images on the canvas that you call the world, and you realize that most of those thoughts and images are the ego mind at work, then the statement will start to make sense.

The canvas that you call the world is indeed like a screen on which movie images appear. The meaningful part about a movie is the idea behind it, the message that the director wants to convey. Moving images are meaningless without the director’s underlying message. And so it is with everything you see around you. All appearances are meaningless without the underlying message.

As long as you allow the ego mind to be your director and allow it by default to project its thoughts onto those appearances, you will detect and receive the ego mind’s underlying message of chaos and conflict. You will see a crazy world, a world that does not make sense.

How eager are you to let that crazy world go and experience a world in which you experience the truth?

“If you could accept the world as meaningless and let the truth be written upon it for you, it would make you indescribably happy.” (5:3)

Full text of Workbook Lesson 12 in ACIM

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