ACIM Workbook lesson 10

“My thoughts do not mean anything.”

The lesson talks about the mind really being a blank. Some sources compare the mind to the blue sky and thoughts to clouds appearing and floating by.

It may be helpful to picture your mind as the blue sky. The ego mind may serve up clouds – regurgitated thoughts – but you are not fooled by them. You see them simply appearing and passing by and you do not cling to any of them. You do not believe them, you do not attach to them. Your real thoughts are not like passing clouds. Your real thoughts are like sunlight that warms and inspires. You may have gotten glimpses of that Light already.

For the purpose of today’s lesson, it suffices to simply become aware that the thoughts that, like clouds, seem to habitually occupy the sky that is your mind, are not at all interesting or of value to you. You can observe them in their passing without entertaining them, for you have committed to be willing to welcome the Light that warms and delights.

Full text of Workbook lesson 10 in ACIM

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