ACIM Workbook lesson 6

I am upset because I see something that is not there.”

The “something” that isn’t there is nothing other than a thought of the monkey mind, a label it has strewn around. It is a thought I have unknowingly burdened the object of my attention with.

Any type of negative emotion—upset, anger, frustration, desolation, sadness, and so forth—is the monkey mind at work. No person, object or circumstance has the intrinsic capacity to cause any of those emotions in me. It is always the monkey thought that I happen to entertain about the person, object or circumstance which is causing negative emotion, always. Negative emotion means that I am not tuned to the source of inspiration within, but to a random thought of the monkey mind. A thought like that can be persistent and may have become familiar through habit. But that is all the more reason to abandon it.

All I need to do at this stage of working with the lessons is to shine my inner light on the statement of today: whenever I feel upset, I consider the statement and am reminded that my attunement needs adjusting from outward-directed to inward-directed.

Full text of lesson 6 on ACIM’s site

Allen’s commentary on lesson 6 on the site of Circle of Atonement

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