Making Sense of the Senses

Living in the present moment, fully aligned with inner guidance and using all of your senses. That is what this post is about.

Here and now

Your senses operate in the here-and-now. They can’t operate elsewhere, at a different time/place setting. The physical senses enable you to connect with the physical world around you. Just as is the case for all other animal organisms.

The mental senses support you on the mental level: data processing or analysis, planning, bonding, instinct. These are present in varying degree in animals as well.

Then there are the spiritual senses: intuition and awareness.

The boundaries between them all is not as strict as the above distinctions suggest. They overlap and interact. Your presence here is endowed with senses on three levels, which enables you to find your way perfectly and exuberantly. Enlist them all, put them all to use in an integrated, wholesome and holistic dynamic.

No Order

They all support each other and any given one wouldn’t function to its full potential without the support and cooperation of the others.

The way people generally go about their daily business, the physical and to some extent the mental senses are usually being addressed and put to use, and the spiritual less so. Given that circumstance, it would be a good idea to focus on the spiritual senses–intuition and awareness–up until the moment that you achieve equal participation and collaboration of all senses. Every single moment is an invitation, an opportunity, to live a life of fully integrated engagement. On all levels.

The Spiritual Senses: Intuition and Awareness

The spiritual senses of intuition and awareness allow you to recognize, understand and experience that you are creative energy. You are creative energy in the process of bursting forth into the field of matter. The spiritual senses enable you to align with the creative stream coming through you in order for the creative energy to keep on expanding and extending into newness.

Whereas the physical and mental senses report on those things that you encounter in the outer physical environment, the spiritual senses, which are sensitive and receptive to the inner stream of creation, take their cue from spiritual values such as love, freedom, peace and so forth. Each present moment presents an invitation to you. An invitation to allow creative energy to stream through you into your experience, thereby becoming a partner and co-creator that breathes life and love and freedom into ever further creative expansion.


Entanglement happens when people only make use of their physical and mental senses. Consequently, they then tend to derive their sense of identity from the world of form. The way out of the loop-the-loop of physical-mental life is by engaging the spiritual senses. Whereas the physical-mental world is a two-dimensional world, the spiritual world includes the vertical dimension.

As long as you operate from the framework of the two-dimensional physical-mental world life is a succession of problems that need to be overcome. As soon as inner alignment enters the picture in your experience, life becomes a succession of invitations to breathe love and freedom and peace into itself.

It Does

With pure alignment, pure creative impulse is allowed to stream out into the vibratory realm of matter through you. Then there is nothing more that you can, or indeed should, do from the perspective of the two-dimensional physical-mental world. For when you are in alignment, creation flows through you and breathes its life into everything you touch. It does.

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