What Strikes You in Your Circumstances?

This morning the Akasha-session started off in a burst of energy:

Good morning! It is a new day, a new beginning, a new opportunity to understand circumstances as a picture of the past, presented to you here and now in order for you to proclaim and declare who you are in  light of the aspects of your circumstances that strike you. Therefore, what strikes you in your circumstances?

About You

Take each and every aspect in the world that surrounds you that strikes you as this or as that. Know that it is there either for enjoyment or for feedback. If you can enjoy it, great, continue doing what you’re doing. If you find yourself not enjoying it, know that this aspect is simply feedback, telling you that this is an area in which you need more clarity. You need to proclaim and declare who you are. You do so by going up as high as you can in the creative stream inside of you. Once there, you line up with a universal quality and take that quality down with you to infuse the aspect that bothered you with it. It is about you, you, you. Never about the circumstance or the other person or any aspect of a given situation. It is always you that everything is about.

Not for an ego-inflating reason, but for the reason that creation expresses through a focal point, you as well as everybody else, so that creation can experience creation through a focal point. Doesn’t it follow that it is important to know how exactly that dynamic operates?

The kingdom is yours if you will have it. It is not about constellations and circumstances in the world on the level of the canvas, the level where creative impulses shift, shape, come and go, resulting in ever changing form. The kingdom is: enjoying the canvas from way up in the creative stream. You can only enjoy the canvas when you know that you are in it, but not of it. Your identity lies in the flowing of creative energy that gives rise to all those shifting forms, not in a given form.

Circumstances That Evoke Negative Emotion

Negative emotion is a signal, just a signal, that in your daily dealings you have identified too much with a certain form compared to what your soul knows itself to be. That is all that negative emotion is. (Explore what Abraham-Hicks has to say about negative emotion.) There are hundreds of names for all kinds of negative emotions. That just illustrates how intricate and complex things on the level of the canvas become. All you need to know is if an emotion is positive or negative. Positive means: enjoyment. Negative means: feedback. Take the opportunity to proclaim who you are in the light of this feedback. That act will place your identity high up in the stream again, from which place enjoyment is again the reality.

Love in All of Its Aspects

The saying “Whatever the question, love is the answer” is true, but you need to know how to work with love and in what way it offers the answer. The way love offers the answer is to go up in the stream the moment you feel the slightest sliver of negativity (like anxiousness, worry, apprehension, insecurity, tiredness, etc.) and align with love in any of its aspects.

You  mean like clarity, joy, freedom, peace, abundance, perfection, movement, evolvement, hope, faith, enjoyment, gratitude, flexibility, wonder, …

Exactly. Choose one or several that speak to you. They are all aspects of love. And love is the salve that cures the wound, the help that offers support, the word that opens the stalemate. Now practise, practise, practise. Be relentless. Don’t allow a negative feeling (even if only so slight) to lodge in you, but use it as your trampoline to reach for the stars and bring them back.

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