Everything Is Source In Expression

Today’s post follows in the footsteps of the previous message on Creation.

I was wondering about the various messengers and their messages of joy, forgiveness, kindness, etc. How pure are these messages? How can I know that they convey God’s message of love? This is what I got:

Everything Is Source In Expression

All that expresses is source (God) expressing. Everything. Now, here comes the thing that confuses many: In the world of form a divine expression takes on a certain garment, an appearance, in the form of a physical shape or in the form of relationships among people and among concepts. The garment that is taken on is always a mirror. Always. It reflects back to the one looking at it what they project onto it.

Let’s put this slightly differently. On the way from source towards expression into the constellations of the physical world as you know it, energy uses form to reflect its essence: love, freedom, peace, well-being, etc. It is always that, it can never be less. The reason why in someone’s experience the chosen form comes across as less than source’s essence is always and ever the bias of the one looking in. There are no gradations in expressions, such like lower or purer expressions. There are only gradations in individual bias of those observing the expressions in their surroundings. What they see “out there” is source expressed and clothed in form that reflects back to them what they hold inside.

Don’t Be Fooled By the Mirror

Let’s put this slightly differently again. Everything that is expressed in creation that surrounds you is source expressed. Everything is source in expression: love in expression, freedom in expression, peace in expression. Do not be fooled by the mirror image. The mirror only tells you what garments you are wearing while looking at the expression.

It is a radical view in the sense that it breaks with the loops of thinking and habits that you are used to be locked into. Those loops could go on indefinitely, just as the endless number of lives a computer game will grant its players. And you would be on automatic as you move through the loops. And somewhere deep inside you you would feel the dissatisfaction with the set-up. Thank heaven you will, for that sense of discontent will eventually open the door. It will open the door to a radical shift in the way you go about this thing called life.

How to Deal With Displeasing Images

What should you do when you observe something that to you does not express pure love and joy? Turn away. The longer you allow your attention to flow to that particular subject in the color of the garment that you are wearing you will continue to get feedback in that color because of the mirror principle.

Turn away for a time. Retreat into yourself to align again with your true sense of who you are and what creation is. Or, if that is not a viable option or when you can’t seem to achieve that alignment, distract yourself. Focus on something else that you feel invites you to observe it without any filters or projections. Focus instead on something in which you see your own white light reflected back to you. It is what Abraham-Hicks recommends: If there are nine subjects that keep you out of alignment and one that, when you focus on it, moves you in alignment, take that one and leave the nine others.

Unity Expressed In Diversity

This ties in very well by the way with today’s ACIM message: Lesson 28 Above all else I want to see things differently.

It does. It is exactly what this is about. The unity is in the source that inspires (breathes life into) everything. The unity is in the life force of everything. The way it shows up on the canvas you call the world is unity-expressed-in-diversity. Life from the vantage point of unity is an exhilarating experience: to see love expressed as a parent holding their baby, to see freedom expressed as rolling hills as far as the eye can see, to see peace expressed in the ocean lapping its waves on the shore. But life from the vantage point of identification with form is a startling experience at best. Why? Because of the incomprehensible separation and temporality that seem to be at the basis of everything.

Moving Up In the Creative Stream

Whenever you find yourself contemplating a subject that does not make you feel good, it means that you have locked in on creation at a level that is not serving you. You would need to move up. If that is not feasible at that point in time, distract yourself. Distract yourself by focusing on something that allows you to align with creation at a level that works for you.

Won’t that make me a superficial, selfish person?

According to whom? There isn’t a law or a standard that tells you what to focus on. You get to choose. Simply know that when you are aligned with creation at a level that fits your soul at its current phase of development, you are being a light to the world. That’s all you need to know.

It Is All Pure Light

Your comments and the ACIM thoughts for today and tomorrow (29+30: God is in everything I see because God is in my mind) make me wonder: Nothing is intrinsically this or that, nothing is so-called objectively this or that. Something appears to me as this or that because I am holding this or that in my mind. When God (love, freedom, benevolence, peace, etc.) is in my mind, I will see God (love, freedom etc.) reflected back to me in everything and everyone I happen to look upon.

Yes, almost there. Everything is source in expression. It is creation in the phase of expressing in 3D. It is all pure white light in atoms and cells. And so are you. Pure white light expressing in ever changing constellations of atoms and cells.

How then does the distortion happen?

It happens through attaching to something on the level of temporary appearance. Think of a time when your association with something at first felt like a good idea. Later on, though, you discovered that it was not such a good idea after all. It happens all the time, in your own life, in the lives of others. What happens is that through the excitement you feel about a certain constellation (appearance) you lock in (identify, become attached) at that level.

Locked Into a Frame

It is like holding on to one specific frame in a movie while the movie is playing on. Holding on to one particular frame will get you into trouble. Why? Because you are not just that one particular frame in the story, you are the evolving story itself. It is all quite understandable, however mistaken it is.

That is why we point you towards the higher levels in the stream of creation. Move up as high as you can and enjoy creation for loveliness, for peace, for freedom as expressed in this or that. The higher up the stream you know yourself to be, the fewer the chances are that you are observing creation clothed in a certain garment and seeing the color of that garment reflected back to you.

 Everything is Source In Expression


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