In the past few days a new understanding of creation and of how people “make things happen in the world” was starting to dawn on me. The conventional pit bull approach to creating, work hard and don’t stop till you drop, had ceased to be satisfying.

This week I decided to ask the guardians of my Akashic records for their insights on creation: How do things happen? What is the essence of the creation dynamics? This is the reply I received:

The one element of the pit bull approach that is genuinely helpful is the ability to focus. Only that, leave the rest. We will get back to singleness of focus as we go along.

Creation is Clarity Announcing Itself

Creation is promulgation. It proclaims itself, again and again. In every direction. Its essence is light, light that multiplies as it announces itself, thereby dispelling any perception of darkness. (Light is to be understood as an abstract principle, like clarity.)

Creation bursts forth in physical form by condensing its vibration, by slowing it down, so that it takes on physical form. Its essence though, self proclaiming clarity is still very much at the basis of the phenomenon of condensed vibration and can therefore move and mold physical form at will. Physical form is in no way solid, even though to your senses it may so appear. And this bursting forth is continually happening. All form is subject to change due to the ongoing evolving proclamation of light. (We use the word “form” to indicate not only physical form but constructs and understandings among you as well.)

Clarity Moves Into Manifestation

You are that light and your role is to proclaim light and clarity. In the time-space-context that you are now experiencing you have the wonderful opportunity to witness the coming forth of creative light into the 3D world through you. You are focused on the precise spot where clarity moves into physical manifestation. Every individual point in the manifested world of time and space is a portal through which clarity emanates.

Being focused in the portal through which the never ending stream of creative energy flows into the 3D world context, yielding ever new patterns and compositions, is very appealing. It is a delicious experience.

Due to the reflexive capacity that has evolved in humans they are able to contemplate. In other words, they can consciously focus their attention and keep it at the point of their choice at will. Due to the deliciousness and attention-grabbing characteristic of 3D-manifestations people have trained themselves to focus almost exclusively on the manifested world, so much so that is has become an addiction. And so they have come to think that the manifested world is all there is. They have forgotten the easy going back-and-forth of attention between source and form that is natural to every portal (just think of any element in nature).

In Manifested Form Clarity Sees Itself Anew

Light/clarity transforming into manifested form is a delicious experience, we have said. Why is that so? The reason is that light experiences itself anew that way. It sees itself reflected in form. And that is the mirror we have talked about before. The manifested world mirrors back to clarity what it is. Creation extends and expands, and recognizes itself in its extension and expansion.

The mirror principle holds for humans too, even though their focus has come to lie mainly on the physical world, the mirror itself.

Undoing the Addiction to Mirror Images

The mirror principle is itself the key. It is the key to become unstuck from the addiction to be solely focused in the material world and its constructs and understandings. This is what forgiveness is about and what h’oponopono is about. It is what Byron Katie’s The Work is about and what focusing on the empty inner space of meditative approaches is about. They are about knowing that you are light/clarity coming forth through the portal of your being. And that the natural movement is an easy going back-and-forth between the source and the form, each reflecting and nourishing the other.

Once you know that the mesmerizing physical world with its constructs and understandings reflects you back to you, you can use your reflective capacity to focus on light and clarity and decide for yourself what aspects of that vibrant flow of energy you want to bring into the world. One way to go about it is to choose one or more universal aspects that appeal to you. Another way is to look at an image in the mirror and determine which light-quality it is in need of most. And then you bring that to it if you feel it would bring you joy.

Free Will in Relation to Creation

Your free will is the capacity to direct your attention. Using and meaning the biblical phrase “Your will be done” is showing your readiness to withdraw your exclusive focus from the mirror and direct it to the source of light and clarity. That way you support and enjoy your portal in its function of promulgating creation’s delicious flow.

Whenever you are doubtful as to the next step, think “joy” and “joyful”. Joy points the way.


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