Be the Source

One of the lessons in A Course in Miracles (310) contains the sentence: “There is no room in us for fear today, for we have welcomed love into our hearts.” (W-pII.310.2:4,5) I asked the guardians of my Akashic Records about love and fear:

Love Conquers All

There is no room for fear for I have welcomed love. This is the answer to each and every trouble or anxiety you could ever think you are experiencing or observing. Love conquers all. Why? Because love is the substance of everything, it is the stuff you are made of, it is the essence that runs through you and out into the outer world, the canvas. Love is the core of each and every expression in creation.

Fear seems to happen when you forget that this is the case. That forgetfulness makes you project a faulty assumption, namely this: There is something out there that is less than love. Due to the way creation operates—the law of attraction—that assumption shows you its image in the world out there. The world out there, after all, gives you feedback on your thoughts and feelings. And you, in your delusion, see in the image that appears the evidence that the assumption is true and that there is something out there other than love.

Love Is What Everything Is Made of

Next, what happens is you engage is this exchange of projection and image, trying to understand it or make it go away or finding people who agree, etc. All this solidifies the mistake that lies at the basis: the thought that there is something “out there” other than love. There could not be, for love is what everything is made of.

Why would I forget something so important as this?

There isn’t a reason why in the sense of you having made a decision to forget because of something. For that very decision would prevent you from forgetting. It has simply happened and is still happening.

But what causes this to happen?

O, that could be: excitement, playfulness, curiosity, indifference, lack of focus, etc.

But would these things be able to cause such a mis-perception?

In and of themselves perhaps not. But a sustained looking away from love can only result in an image that mirrors back that sustained attitude.

Be the Source of What You Miss

Is there a way to fix this?

O, yes! Absolutely. The way to fix it is to know that love is all there is and to look for love no matter what you may have programmed yourself to look at. If you can’t manage to see love in a given situation due to your label “too cruel” or “too evil” or whatever, then extend love to it. Be the source of that which you miss in the picture. It is, after all, only an image that mirrors back to you what you have projected out. So, start extending love instead of continuing to project a misconception.

Be the Source

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