The Best Possible Place

Have you ever wondered why you are where you are and why you aren’t in a different locality or time? Is it true that we are in the best possible place? The other day, during an Akashic reading, this was the topic of the conversation. It went as follows:

Good morning. It is good to be here, we are glad to be here. We hope you are, too.

Interesting question. I suppose I am. Where could or would I be otherwise?

That is a good point, indeed where? You are where you are, in other words, your awareness is where you focus it. During a dream your focus of attention may be very far removed from where you are focused during the day. During conversations or daydreaming you may be very far removed as well. But right now, when you sit still and focus on you, here and now, where else could you be?

You are the sum total of what you have been

Now this reminds me of something Edgar Cayce stated (in the philosophy chapter of his biography), namely that a person is at all times the sum total of what she/he has been and has done. Everything that they have experienced so far has led them to where they are now, and therefore a person is always at the best possible place. The current point in space and time contains all the information of that which has gone before and is therefore the optimal starting point for a next step. Please comment.

It makes sense, doesn’t it, if you think about it. It has to do with the ability to focus. All that has gone on before adds to your specific way of focusing. And where your attention goes your power flows, as many teachers will tell you (such as¬†Hawaiian Huna tradition, Tony Robbins, google for more).

Now, if you only take into account, or work with, what the past is providing you with, you will mostly rehash the past. Your sense of identity will be aligned with your past sense of identity and so your focus on that will direct your power to create more of the same.

A Shift in Your Sense of Identity

However, when your sense of identity shifts, so will your attention and so will your power. And so that begs the question: Who are you? Who do you know/experience/feel/sense/think yourself to be? Move away from form and constructs, from things you have been told. Find an authentic answer. For your sense of self determines your experience.

The Empty Reed

Okay, so if I sense myself to be unlimited by body and circumstances what happens to my focus and the power that flows through that focus?

Indeed, what would happen? That would be the situation of the empty reed (Hazrat Inayat Kahn), the unburdened vessel that is engaged but not attached, that is up and about but not committed to a specific outcome, that is happy not because of something but because natural joy bubbles up when it is not held down by all kinds of agendas. This, here, now, is the best possible place to experience that type of focus.

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The best possible place


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